We invite academic researchers and educators in the field of Corporate Communication, Marketing, and Management as well as practitioners seeking information and knowledge on CSR communications to participate in dialogue and set trends.

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 With universally high CSR expectations of various stakeholders communicating CSR efforts has never been more important as it is today. In the last few years the attention given to CSR communication has expanded rapidly. On one hand this is shown in the increasing numbers of scholarly research studies dedicated to different aspect of CSR communication, and on the other in the progressively visible communicative practice of CSR. 

Globally operating organizations are involved in a wide variety of projects to support the communities in which they are operating in various ways. Many of these organizations also claim that sustainability and responsibility are included in their identity profile as a strategic business orientation. Here, communication experts who can be seen as a link between the organization and its stakeholders often assume responsibility for CSR-related issues and are also responsible for preventing the attempts to over-communicate and exaggerate in CSR-related messages. The research repeatedly shows that consumers and other stakeholders demand the CSR messages to be honest and clear.

With becoming more and more informed, stakeholders are also more involved and more eager to participate in shaping CSR discourses, which is mainly done using social media. Hence, businesses must embrace the new reality and think about how these different voices can help them improve their CSR practices and how to engage them in dialogues by pursuing dynamic, interactive communication.

Targeted at academics and practitioners, the organizers hope the conference will provide a wonderful opportunity for academics and professionals to network, discuss, debate and exchange ideas and viewpoints in the historical and vibrant capital, Vienna.

Conference Topics

We invite scholars, practitioners and researchers with various approaches to CSR communication to submit their empirical and conceptual work on the broad theme of CSR & communication to participate in this unique event in the historical and vibrant city of Vienna. Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:
kava_zelena.jpg Empowering through CSR 
kava_zelena.jpg CSR and stakeholder dialogue 
kava_zelena.jpg CSR and sustainability reporting
kava_zelena.jpg Different aspects of “CSR washing”
kava_zelena.jpg Consumer, marketing and branding aspects of CSR
kava_zelena.jpg CSR in social media context 
kava_zelena.jpg Environmental aspects of CSR 
kava_zelena.jpg Tools and strategies for communicating CSR
kava_zelena.jpg CSR communication best practices
kava_zelena.jpg SME perspectives on CSR communication
kava_zelena.jpg Internal and external aspects of CSR communication 
kava_zelena.jpg International and organizational aspects and comparisons of CSR communication
kava_zelena.jpg CSR as micropolitics
kava_zelena.jpg Theories related to CSR communication

Conference Submisions

In collaboration with with Corporate Communications: an International Journal, we invite academic researchers and educators, particularly in the field of Corporate Communication, Marketing, Management and Organizational Studies, as well as practitioners seeking and working with information and knowledge on CSR communication to participate in dialogue and set trends at the conference.

With this call for papers, scholars are asked to submit either a short structured abstract (250 words) or a proposal for a special session for review. This conference and the subsequent special issue of “Corporate Communications: An International Journal” which will be attached to the conference will consider both theoretical and empirical competitive papers for review.

Authors with accepted abstracts will present their papers at the conference. All accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings, either as a structured research summary or as the submitted short abstract. At the conference, the most positively reviewed research summary will be solemnly presented a best paper award.

By submitting an abstract to the conference authors agree to participate in the peer review process.

Please note that all papers must conform to the format instructions and will be subjected to formal blind review. Authors will be notified of acceptance, rejection or suggested modifications as soon as the review processes have been completed. Acceptance of a paper means that the author (or one of the authors) will present the paper at the conference!

Important dates

Your short structured conference abstracts following the CCIJ abstracts’ form or session proposals should be submitted by February 15, 2017 via the conference website.

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Please mark your calendars and save the following dates:

February 15, 2017Deadline for abstracts and session proposals (250 words)
April 30, 2017Deadline for structured research summaries (2,500 words)
September 1, 2017Deadline for final versions of research summaries or, alternatively, short abstracts to be published in the conference proceedings
September 21-23, 2017CSRCOM conference
November 15, 2017Deadline for competitve papers and beginning of the selection process for CCIJ special issue
Spring 2019Publication date of CCIJ special issue on CSR Communication

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