The aim of the PhD seminar is to provide doctoral students in the corporate communication and CSR field with an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research with fellow students and leading academics in the field of CSR and Corporate Communication.

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PhD Seminar

The aim of the PhD seminar is to provide doctoral students in the corporate communication and CSR field with an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research with fellow students and leading academics in the field of CSR and Corporate Communication.


Prior to the 6th CSRCOM conference, there will special seminar/workshop for Ph.D. students on September 13 and 14, 2022.

The seminar will be dedicated both to corporate and CSR communication themes; PhDs will present their work and experts from the field will give inputs and research advice not only on the students’ work but also discuss further main issues of the conference and thus broadening their horizon – so the students will get in touch with important authors and experts in the field of CSR communication.

The PhD seminar will consider main topics and methodological approaches within the field of Corporate Communication and CSR. The seminar also serves as a platform for students working in these areas to establish a valuable network and examine issues, such as publishing, which are important for their future careers. The faculty involved in the seminar includes renowned scholars from a variety of disciplinary and geographical backgrounds.

This seminar is relevant for PhD students within the Corporate Communication and CSR research field and is appropriate for doctoral students in different stages of their dissertation process. After the seminar you will be provided with:
New specific knowledge about the dissertation topic,
Knowledge  of the current issues in the Corporate communication and CSR and field specifically,
Competencies within research design and knowledge dissemination via publishing in peer-reviewed journals in the field of Corporate communication,
Competencies related to communicating your position regarding a certain CSR issue and critically evaluating the work of peers. 

The PhD seminar will cover current issues in the CSR and Corporate Communication field as well as dissertation and publication topics:
-- Introduction to CSR theories.
Participants will get insights into main theoretical fields and research streams of CSR and have the opportunity to discuss relevant problems and issues related to these.
-- Corporate communication, marketing and management perspectives.
Significant issues, models, frameworks and concepts will be brought up and critically scrutinized and discussed with the participants.
-- Discussions on dissertation issues.
Participants will be able to approach their dissertations’ issues via discussing the topics, methodologies and research designs with renowned scholars and fellow participants.
-- Publication process.
Participants will be able to examine the publication process with journal editor in order to learn how to formulate, write, submit and revise papers for top journals.

Activities & Requirements

The main focus of the PhD Seminar is on the work in progress of participants. The seminar is organized primarily around participative interaction. During the seminar participants will make a brief presentation (10 minutes) of their work. A feedback of facilitators and peers will be provided to each proposal. The proposals of all participants will be made available to everyone. Participants will provide structured feedback to one specifically assigned presentation of another participant. They are also encouraged to read all proposals and give feedback to each other’s work during the sessions. The lectures will be related to the topical and/or methodological angles of participants’ work and some will include discussions on selected readings provided for the participants

Emerging scholars may submit an abstract of their research project via the conference webpage.
The abstract (of up to 1,000 words plus references) should present in a concise way the purpose or aim of the project, main theoretical framework/assumptions and, if applicable, research methods and final or preliminary results.

Poster presentation. Participants in the PhD seminar are invited to prepare a poster on their dissertation topic and possibly initial findings; posters will be displayed at the main conference.

All participants of the PhD seminar will receive a certificate of participance (with ETCS) and certificate of presentation/participation.


Important dates

Avgust 1, 2022 Submission of PhD proposals (3 pages + figures, tables and references)
Avgust 1, 2022 Deadline for Phd seminar registration
September 13-14, 2022 PhD SEMINAR at Leuphana University Lüneburg.

They are offered different rates for registration and a reduced rate for conference participation for members of the PhD seminar!

For more information please contact: 
More specific information for the seminar will be available on this site and via social media.

The preliminary program for PhD seminarwill be available here.

Register for PhD Seminar

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PhD Seminar Venue

PhD seminar will be held in September 13-14, 2022 at the Leuphana University Lüneburg.