Your goal is to participate and network at CSRCOM 2022. So make sure your next destination is Lüneburg, Germany, EU. We hope that our travel tips will help make things easier and get you on your way. We wish you a pleasant journey.


Useful Information

Germany is situated in the central Europe, with a spectacular combination of historical and modern tradition, full of spectacular natural and cultural attractions and vibrant metropolises. It is a member of the EU, with the Euro (EUR) as an official currency.

Welcome to Lüneburg, more than 1000-year old, beautiful salt and Hanseatic city. The prettiest towns in northern Germany. Lüneburg offers a rich history and a wide variety of cultural events. There are diverse attractions, tourism and accommodation options, and a wide and varied choice of good restaurants, coffe houses and bars. 

Easy to reach from all directions! Lüneburg is located about 45 km south of Hamburg and is very well connected to public transport! You can travel to Lüneburg by train, airplane, car or bus. For more information please see Visitors information.

How to reach L√ľneburg


Most visitors arriving by air should expect to fly into Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt. Passengers and visitors can reach or leave Hamburg Airport quickly and easily by public transport- by train, bus or taxi. In Hamburg, urban trains (S-Bahn) run between Hamburg airport and the main train station every 10 minutes; the ride takes 25 minutes. Lüneburg is within the commuter zone for the Hamburg rapid transit system (HVV).

Beside Hamburg Airport other nearest airports to Lüneburg are located in Hanover (120 km), and Bremen (150 km). In Hanover, urban trains (S-Bahn) run between Hanover airport and the main train station every 30 minutes; the ride takes about 20 minutes. In Bremen, the tram line 6 leaves for the main train station every 10 minutes.

Lüneburg is located on the train line between Hannover and Hamburg. You can travel to Lüneburg from Hamburg every half hour and from Hannover once an hour.

For information about all bus and train connections in Lower Saxony, check the VNN electronic time schedule online. You can find information about connections to Lüneburg at every train station in Germany (DBB).

Getting around


Take train to Lüneburg, which is within the commuter zone for the Hamburg rapid transit system (HVV).

Departing from the Lüneburg train station, two different buses travel to the Scharnhorststraße campus. They each leave every fifteen minutes. You can take either bus 5011 (towards Rettmer/Häcklingen) or bus 5012 (towards Bockelsberg). You need to get off the bus at the Blücherstraße stop.

A university shuttle bus, number 5001, runs during the semester from the train station to the Universitätsallee Campus.

Lüneburg is within the commuter zone for the Hamburg rapid transit system (HVV). To take the train from Hamburg to Lüneburg all you need is a train ticket. You can reach customer the HVV service at the following telephone number: +

For more information how to get to university please visit Leuphana University info site!

Visa Information


Please check if you need a visa to travel to Germany. EU citizens do not need to possess a visa, simply travelling on either a passport or ID card.

Non-EU citizens are kindly advised to check the requirements here. Please note that organizers do not provide visa or letter of guarantee for conference participants. 

Those already possessing a Schengen Visa can enter Germany if the visa is still valid for sufficient period of time and if it was issued for Schengen states.

Please make sure that you follow coronavirus COVID entry regulations!