CSRCOM Call for papers

Introduction: CSR Communication for a world in crisis

CSRCOM Conference Call for Papers.

Our world is very much in crisis. We are still recovering from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are facing a harsh new reality of a rapidly warming globe, escalating social inequalities, ongoing socio-political conflict, and looming economic crises. Many organisations are stepping-up to raise awareness of – and challenge – these issues under the guise of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Others may be (inadvertently) exacerbating them . It is the role of CSR communication to document, construct, and negotiate these achievements, aspirations, and aggravations. It is our role to unpack such CSR communication and consider its role for a world in crisis.

Over the last 12 years, the International CSR Communications Conference (CSRCOM) has brought together academics and practitioners to explore the opportunities and challenges that sit at the interface of CSR and communication. For the 7th conference, based in the UK for the very first time at the School of Management, University of Bath, we invite participants to consider CSR communication for a world in crisis.

CSRCOM Conference Topics

We seek to bring together new conceptual and empirical research that builds upon insight at the intersection of CSR and communication. As well as to explore the role of CSR communication in various environmental, social and political crises, including (but not restricted to): grand challenges and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); climate change and activism in and around organisations. Another key points are social injustice and marginalisation; conflict, war and political instability; artificial intelligence and surveillance; futurism and post-human interactions; and post-truth and denial.

In addition we also welcome submissions on any aspect of CSR and communication, including (but not limited to):

  • Consumer, marketing and branding aspects of CSR.
  • CSR and sustainability reporting / accountability.
  • CSR communication within organisations.
  • CSR and stakeholder dialogue.
  • CSR in online / social media contexts, ‘CSR washing’ (including greenwashing & greenhushing).
  • CSR as corporate micropolitics and social movements and CSR communication.


Furthermore, a pre-conference PhD workshop will take place on 16th (virtual) and 17th (in-person) September. The main 7th CSRCOM conference will begin with a welcome reception on 17th September (evening) and will run until 19th September (afternoon).

More specific information about the PhD workshop and submissions is available at the conference website (see PhD Seminar).

CSRCOM Conference Submission

Scholars wishing to participate in the 7th CSRCOM are invited to submit either a structured abstract or a proposal for a special session for review by March 25, 2024, via the conference website (see bellow).

Structured Abstract (between 1,500-2,500 words without references): A structured abstract should present in a concise way the purpose of the paper, main theoretical framework/assumptions and if applicable, research methods and final or preliminary results. Submitted abstracts must not have been previously presented, scheduled for presentation, published, accepted for publication. In addition if it is under review, must not appear in print before the conference. Submitters must delete all identifying information prior to submission. The author details must be on a separate page.

Special Session (panel, roundtable) (200-400 words): The objective of Special Sessions is to acquaint educators and researchers with new perspectives, theories, and provocative ideas. In submitting special session proposals, the organizer and listed participants request that, if accepted, they all register and appear at the conference. Session proposals should include a short description of the session theme and its relevance, list of session participants and short abstracts (200- 300 words) of their contributions.

Please note that all submissions for the conference must conform to the format as indicated on the CSRCOM webpage. (See submission guidelines). If a submitted paper does not correspond with the template format, submitters may be asked to send a renewed version of their work that fulfils the criteria.

Authors will be notified of acceptance, rejection, or suggested modifications as soon as the review processes have been completed. Acceptance of a submission means that the author will be expected to present the paper at the conference. 

Important information

Your structured abstract or session proposal should be submitted via the conference website (see bellow).

If you are a new user, please register and complete all fields with your contact details. After that, your registration confirmation will be emailed to you. If you ever forget your password, please click on PASSWORD REMINDER. Please use your email and password to LOG IN. By logging in, you can submit your abstract or proposal online.


The authors should fill in the online submission form and submit:

• Short abstract (max. 150 words) with 3-6 keywords that can be part of the attachment below or can also be inserted in the submission form separately

• Attachments: 

1. Anonymous paper without author details (1,500-2,500 words excl. references) that should: present in a concise way the purpose of the paper (introduction), main theoretical framework/ assumptions and: the objectives of the research, the research method, major (or preliminary) results, implications (EMPIRICAL papers), or a clear conceptual contribution with implications (CONCEPTUAL papers) and references.

2. Cover page with the paper title and author information.


Other important information will be available on the conference website and via social media where the conference fees, program, and invited speakers will be announced.

Please mark your calendars and save the following dates:

25 March
Deadline for structured abstracts and session proposals
16-17 September
Pre-conference PhD workshop
17-19 September
CSRCOM conference

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